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Digital Display Advertising in CT, NY and MA

"Digital signage receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage"
- The Strategy Institute,
"Digital Signage Quick Takes"

Use your digital advertising to increase sales, deliver your brand's message and make your company more profitable. Static paper signs are boring. Digital Signage is Dynamic, attention grabbing and versatile. While your customers are watching your screens promote YOUR brand, not your competitors. Advertise specials and make your customers aware of products or services they may not have encountered, or were not aware you offered.

Digital Signage works for many industries!

Digital signage is used in retailers, movie theater lobbies, hotel and hospitality industry, health and wellness such as gyms, occupational therapy centers and hospitals to entertain or educate, manufacturing and education as message boards or emergency information networks. Digital Signage can be utilized anywhere boring static advertising appears and digital signage has a greater impact on the viewer than static messaging. Get your digital advertising message across and do it with a media that breaks through the background noise of all other advertising.

Digital signage can be updated in real time. This means your message is never old or stale. Your message can be updated at moments notice to stay fresh, timely and promote products or services relevant to the time or season. Our systems can even promote products based on inventory levels. Digital Signage allows you the freedom to react to your product inventory levels and customize product and price promotions based on the success of your sales.

Digital advertising changes everything!

Our digital signage systems go way beyond showing a picture on a screen. Change the message based on traffic flow in your store, occupancy sensors, motion capture, even biometrics can all feed into our system and dynamically update and change the content the customer is seeing or hearing. If a customer pauses in front of a Spanish language ad inside your store, change any or all the screens to relay your message in Spanish (or any other language).

Kiosks. Ours are the best. Touchscreens mixed with VOIP telephones equals more satisfied customers. Imagine your customer coming up to your kiosk, touching the screen in response to a couple questions. Almost immediately you know who can help this customer best. They are instructed to pick up the handset to speak with someone bet suited to help. Did my digital sign just interact with a customer and make a decision (and a call)? Yes it did. Maybe we should call it Marketing Intelligence. This goes way beyond Digital Signage.

Looking for a complete customer relationship management solution? – DMC can also help you to leverage your current displays (TVs) to you to promote your brand or enhance your customer’s experience. DMC utilizes the exact same technology used by many high profile companies in Times Square to provide you with the very best marketing and customer relationship management experiences available at a tiny fraction of the investment of the big time players.